Archive: April, 2007

Spicy Nightclub 2 over foodland in Suk soi 5

There is a new “Spicy Nightclub” in Bangkok. It over the Foodland 24 hours shop in Suk Soi 5 so its very to find. It will open at 00.00 and move on to later in the morning as usual. There will be also so called coyote dancers if you want to something to rest the […]


Spice Club open to 06.00 every night

Spice Club Bangkok, Thailand on or near the parking lot of Hotel Ambassador Soi 7 is well protected by the Police since they all hang out there. Loads of girls since it is close to Nana so if you like that crowd this is the place for you. Ambassador Hotel is on Sukhumvit Soi 11 […]


Boss in Pratunm after 02.00 still open

Boss in Bangkok has been around now for almost a year now. Its just a room with loads of people there is not so much air con but there is loads of punters driving foreign tourist here so if that is your crowd then this place is for you. The place is open from 01.00 […]





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