Archive: December, 2007

Overtone and Delicate @ Overtone… RCA Bangkok

Overtone and Delicate presents…. Delicate Ex nite…. Noise by death trip deathtrip is experimental noise project of tuan(guitarist of day tripper and futon). first release is in 2002 call welcome to deathtrip. second-deathtrip ..2003 third-911 ..2004 fourth-live ..2005 fifth-blackface ..2006 six-rape of nanking…2007 Sonic Art Performance by Bank Redtwenty Bank Redtwenty (well known as a […]


CLUB LIME new year party…. at Patong Beach

CLUB LIME new year party…. Thai Dj Eddie playing electro house – 12 to 2 and Italian Dj Bella G playing tech house – 2 to late. If you aren’t living at Phuket and need to find out more information about it, you can at club Lime website and DJ Bella G website. DJ Bella […]


Happy Alone Party Rock Peoples come 1st

! ! ! ROCK PEOPLES COME 1ST ! ! ! H A P P Y A L O N E P A R T Y ……………P R E S E N T…………………. indie rock party ” RED PARTY ” before X’Mas ROCK! ROCK! ROCK! ALL NIGHT Date: 19 DECEMBER 2007 Venue: ZANTIKA (COLOC ZONE) ! […]





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