Archive: January, 2008

Rock for you at Cafe De Moc this saturday

Soma party is back. If you are in Bangkok and love nightlife but don’t know about Soma so you can’t say you are in Bangkok and love to go out. Even you don’t like Rock music, you might have heard about them at least once. The party is invented by the group of two English […]


Brit Rock Party at Cafe De Moc Thailand

Happy alone party comes back again every second Wednesday night of every month. If you love rock music, you shouldn’t miss this party. They are the friends of Arcadia party (Luke and Rob) as well. You will see many brit rock fans there, most of them wears tight jeans and have small sizes with fashion […]


Mind the gap party at Immortal Khao san Bangkok

Mind the gap party at Immortal Khao san It’s the party with independent music for independent people “Abuse the youth loser, Naked Zero Zero” It’s the quote of this party, I don’t know what the second sentence means. Anyhow, go check it out if you like. Venue: Immortal Bar, Khao san Fee: 100 Baht with […]





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