Archive: May, 2011

Bangkok The OverStay The Reopening Refurbished and Full Power

Reopening party The Saturday 4 th of June the Overstay will throw one of it memorable party in a whole fresh environment. The overstay, known as the place for underground culture in Bangkok, will have a reopening party : massive Culture / party combo : Hip Hop / Dancehall / Reggae sound system on the […]


Bangkok Suk 11 Club Crawl Summer Edition

MANTRA & CONCEPT is “VIP THE WHOLE WAY BABY” START: 9PM-FRIDAY-03-JUNE FREE VIP ENTRY to CLUBS & B100 NET DRINKS ALL NIGHT After an MEGA session in MAY when we all partied like maniacs, SUK 11 CLUB CRAWL continues on FRIDAY 03 JUNE, this time starting at BED SUPPERCLUB then QBAR & finale at NEST […]


Bangkok The Pimp Russian Coyote Party

From Russia with LOVE… WILD Coyote UGRLY Party @ THE PIMP – Black Label Just 1,500b IF arrive before 10pm (free mix) – Call K. Emma at 086-778-5171 for Booking Table IF YOU LOVE BLONDES…..DON’T MISS THIS EVENT! 31 May, 2011 at 21:00 – 00:00 Created by: The PIMP THE PIMP 508 Soi Ramkamhang 39 […]





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