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Afrika Islam Live In Qbar Bangkok Thailand

15 February, 2012 at 21:00 until 03:00

Q Bar, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand

AFRIKA ISLAM – “the Zulu King”

A member of the Technics Turntable Hall of Fame and recognised as one of the pioneers of hip hop, Afrika Islam has participated in the culture as one of the first Zulu Nation’s first b-boys (Zulu Kings) and the first hip hop radio DJs (Zulu Beats radio show).

Best known for his production work with hardcore rapper Ice-T, Afrika Islam is a virtuoso DJ, able to spin four turntables at one time. Beginning his career as an apprentice to Afrika Bambaataa, in the late ’70s, he was the first to work immediately under Bambaataa and was responsible for doing the preliminaries at Zulu Nation parties in the 70’s which earned him the title ‘Son of Bambaataa’. Islam also co-wrote songs for the Soul Sonic Force and his own group called the ‘Funk Machine’.

In 1977 when he won the “International Annual DJ competition” and met Earl Chin at radio station WHBI, who offered the young DJ a show. Calling his show Zulu Beats, Islam teamed up with the group Supreme Team and began gaining a substantial following at the station. After a short period as a DJ for the Rock Steady Crew in the early ’80s, Islam moved to L.A. where he appeared as a dancer in films such as Flashdance, Breakin, Breakin’ II Electric Boogaloo and Pump up the Volume.

Islam also began doing production work for Ice-T, producing four gold albums for the hardcore rapper, including the Colors and New Jack Hustler soundtracks. Through his work with Ice-T, Islam also began remixing for other artists, including Michael Jackson, New Order, De La Soul, Wu Tang Clan, and the Eurythmics.

After various highly successful Hip Hop productions (in all a total of seven platinum records and many Grammy nominations), Afrika came to a point where he decided to go a totally new path. As a result, he developed his very own crossover sound in which the major carrying elements are R´n´B, Hip Hop, Techno and House.

In the mean time, Afrika Islam had made quite a name for himself in Europe. As a DJ, he participated in all of the major events such as the Love Parade and Mayday.

Afrika Islam also exported his successful Zulu Beats show to Japan in 1992
Afrika presently performs as Mr. X of the Mr. X and Mr. Y team (with West Bam) and lives most of the year in Germany.

In 1999 He was inducted into the Technics Turntable Hall of Fame


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