Fish Club

Bangkok Fish Club Forever Delayed Distortion War

Forever Delayed #1: Thai Rock Thai

DISTORTION WAR!!! epidode I: Thai against the world

Metalica, Guns&Roses, RHCP, ACDC, Aerosmith, Nirvana , Silly Fools,
Foo Fighter, Bon Jovi, Bodyslam, Blackhead, Sepia, Paradox, Billy Ogan
No Doubt , The Srokes , King Of Leon, Moderndog, Micro, Weezer
Ebola, Loso, หินเหล็กไฟ, Greenday, Incubus, Hole, Skid Row etc.

DJ E Smook
Dudesweet Movie “The Rock ‘N Roll Life of The Jenny & Her Army”

19-20 August, 2011 at 21:00 – 02:00

Created by: Forever Delayed, Cook H

Fish Club @ Cosmic Cafe
RCA, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Forever
Bkk Forever

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