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Bangkok Moonstar Studio Jetset’er Music Inspiration Concert

Jetset’er Music Inspiration Concert

First concert of the JETSET’ER.

Special Show with never seen before.

With special invited guests.

JETSET’ER band that combines fun with the music because I enjoy it. Together perfectly. The owner of the popular music charts Such as Chup , Chuea Nai Tua Chan , Namphueng Phrachan , Khuen Ni , Yim sense, Chai Nai Fan and Tua Khan Wela

Quilting Style Pop Soul distilled from the artists themselves, plus an entertainer and close to the fans of both the 4-People

T ( vocals), O ( guitarist and producer ), Mu (bass ) and Eddie (drums ).

It made ​​a name for Jetset’er into the minds of many people who have some fun and get to know each other more. The first concert of the Jetset’er in “REDioactive Presents JETSET’ER MUSIC INSPIRATION CONCERT ” Concert that makes you even more closely with Jetset’er to inspire the musical life of the home fans with a welcome party for fun, but warm, with music and special songs were compiled into a new selection. Plus an extra show has been seen from the office where he prepared Jetset’er surprise anyone. With special invited guests.
Celebrate a life with music. Party fun comes mixed with sweet. As

19 November, 2011. at 7.00 P.M.

Moon Star Studio
Wang Thong Lang, Bangkok 10310

Bkk Jetset
Bkk Jetset

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