Bangkok TBA Haunted Mansion Madness ReBorn

The Biggest and Sexiest Halloween Party is Going Down in BANGKOK CITY.

Unlike last year, Halloween falls on a Monday night which makes it extremely inconvenient for most of us to party. How many times has it occurred to you that you want to celebrate Halloween twice, or thrice? How many occasions in a year give you an excuse to dress up as a zombie bride, a complete psychopath, Lady Gaga, a fireman, an avatar, Borat, or a slut? Use your wild imagination to unleash the beast in yourself, and surprise your peers in the spotlight. This year, we will be giving out a very special gift for the costume contest winner. A free two nights stay at Palm Gardens Resort in Bang Saphan, Thailand.

Last year, the 900+ of us experienced Dexter’s Potion Bar, The Emo Vodka Bar, Chuckie’s Outdoor Whiskey Bar, flying lizards, a dirty dirty dancefloor, 193 bottles of whiskey and vodka, and extremely creative costumes. To summarize all of the above.. We were brutal, we were raging, we did damage.

This year, we bring out something completely different.
Pink Sky Productions Presents:

-A new genre.. This genre was created especially for this event. It will blow your mind apart, have your ears bleed, your concentration level below zero, and your souls snatched away from you. This is exquisite sound fusion..the mixture between Extreme Vampire Bites, Cold Zombie Walks, Thick Strange Whistles, Fierce Pterodactyl Squeals, Concentrated Creaking Doors, and our one love, Dubstep/Electro. We thought of giving this a name.. BloodStep.
-Neon Shot Bar (Fluorescent Shots of all Colors: Ingredient not harmful)
-Spooky Jello Shot Bar (Gummy Worm Shot + The Eyeball)
-Judas’ Standard Open Bar (Whiskey + Vodka)
-Expect something as the clock strikes Midnight
-Halloween Art Gallery
-Candy Shower (What is Halloween without Treats?)
-Chalk Floor Art
-Face Painting
-Fluorescent Body Paint Stand
-Intense Decor and Lighting
-Last but not least, a Dirty Dance Floor. 😉

Disc Jockeys
-buggz (rabbitrabbit ENT., UK) (SonyMusic)
-DJ Hertzquake (Gutter Rainbows., TH)
-JstDaft (TrustTheSound Records., TH)
-MC K-Stew

For security reasons, everyone who walks in with a mask or a covered face will be asked to take it off at the entrance for just 20 seconds! Everyone will be body searched to make sure their Halloween props are not dangerous and harmful to others or themselves!

Prepare for an experience in which all your senses are appealed. You will not believe the costumes and lights, digest the different sound waves pounding your eardrums, understand the different smells in which the air is filled with, feel your legs as you dance the night away, or make a settlement with your taste receptors as you challenge our different recipes.

Don’t go to the restroom alone,
Pink Sky Productions 😀

21-22 October, 2011 at 21:00 – 02:30

Created by: PinkSky Prod

Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Mansion
Bkk Mansion

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