The Overstay

Bangkok The Overstay Evolver

To all my hi-so, lo-so, so-so please proceed to the rythem factory : New Monthly underground Event : Evolver.
ALL night BAdd ASS Music : 10 September

Dj dizzle, born and raised in Bermuda, West Indies. An original reggae and hip hop artist, he moved two years ago to BKK from Vancouver.
Known to mix real hip hop, hard dancehall, and conscious reggae. Listen to his mixtape called the overstay :

Vincent Smith – UK basshead from Reading, passionated member of the London squats mouvement. Been through the acid techno raves, 303s, ridgeway parties. He now wants to share the love for alternative culture here in Bangkok. NO Fancy Club Scence !

vega – Originally from New York, he got into the jungle/drum n bass scene in the late 90’s in Montreal. Now in Bangkok via a Honduran mango tree radio station ready to drop some killah beats

Free entrance, real underground scene with cheap drinks and party all night

10-11 September, 2011 at 22:00 – 05:00

Created by: Barrie Stringer, Da Overstay, Yuval Schwok

ForThe OverStay

The OverStay
Charan sanit wong soi 40
Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Evolver
Bkk Evolver

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