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Art Talk Session 1 Rock Around Asia Bangkok Thailand

ROCK AROUND ASIA launches its monthly Art Talk Sessions Purpose ? Meet people interested or involved in Art, any kind of art When ? Each new month second Wednesday Guests ? Everyone interested in Art Buzz ? Invite your friends Event surprise ? Each session will be an opportunity to showcase young artist work Entrance […]


Bangkok Rock Around Asia French Appetizer

French saturday night appetizer before sunday brunch Evening night temperature is now very cool under gallery trees, with vietnamese lightnings and goog jazz bossa nova music, it’s perfect time for apppetizer. So, let’s do it again on saturday night… > Big plate of cold cuts: 350 baths > Big plate of cheese: 350 baths > […]


Bangkok Rock Around Asia Brunch Opening

BISTRO opens on 2011-11-11 GURU selected ROCK AROUND ASIA as one of 10 best place for Sunday Brunch in Bangkok ! So, book now to check if GURU is right and bet ! One word to talk about the food: Europeasian ! 2 BRUNCH ROUNDS – 1 st service: from 10:00 hr to 12:30 hr […]





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