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Pattaya Meet Timati & DJ M.E.G

TIMATI russians super star will be performing live for a exclusive concert in Pattaya-Thailand. Timati is not only known amongst the Russians but also the international community due to his collaborations with artist such as P-Diddy, Snoop Dog, Eve just to name a few. His latest hit reached the top 10 charts in Europe with […]


Pattaya International Music Festival

Held annually in March, the festival has a few international Asian and European bands attend with over 100 Thai pop, rock, and indie groups performing on three stages. CDs, magazines, music instruments are put up on to sale. Other events like procession in the streets of Pattaya are also held during the festival. It attracts […]


Pattaya Zoom Out at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya

“Pattaya Zoom Out” Creative Electronic Music & Dance Festival 2010. 5 Stages With Different Music and 70 World’s Top DJs, Featuring Christian Lawrence, Claude Challe From Buddha Bar Paris, DJ SASH, Jay Monton Jira, Dome Pakorn Lum, Sek Loso, PoetNameLife From Black Eyed Peas, Slick, Talla 2xlc.“ Please Come To Join This Concert With Me […]





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