The Overstay

Evolver 3 Overstay Bangkok Thailand

11 February 2012 at 22:30 until 06:00

The OverStay, Bangkok, Thailand

Evolver is the overstays monthly exploration music feast with banging new sound and old remixed with a wicked twist.

Self described as a multi-platform game, utilizing sub bass frequencies, square waves and crisp 808 snares to fend off any uber-compressed radio-friendly weapons that may be forced upon us!

Weapons of mass distortion may include
Dub / digi-reggae /reggae / hiphop / bassmusic / dubstep and dirty DnB,

Basically if you are looking new music (dubstep, electro) and old favorites (reggae – hip hop) in an original environement : haunted squat that closes in the early morning, you have reached destination.

Dizzle (bermuda) reggae/hiphop/dubstep
Vincent smith (uk) bass music
V.e.g.a. (usa) dnb
Echobit (mars) digi reggae

For more information:

Bkk Vol
Bkk Vol

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