The Overstay

Halloween Special Viet Cong Babes Vs Zombie G.I’s at The OverStay Bangkok

Downstairs : the R&R Whore House
Clarity peak
DJ Vega (Evolver)
Vincent smith (Evolver)
Kptain Kful (DubFear)

Upstairs the Torture Camp / Concert Room

Abstraction XL (post rock)
Afternoon (Indie Rock)

+ a fatal versus between zombies and V.C involving fire extinguisher in an abandoned building

And on that day the Viet Cong attacked the hall of decadence the overstay had become.

The nest of fallen G.I was under threat: the hot Viet Cong babes were on the advantage armed with wicked ak-47. But as the blood was covering the wall of the whore house the zombies went into sex/blood related frenzy. Losing the battle the V.C made a run for the upper level, and took refuge in the old casino where they decided to install their torture room while waiting for more reinforcement. Downstairs alas the Zombies G.I have taken back their advantage…

And here you are at the gateway to Fucking’nam forced to pick a side

So what is it going to be ?

A Flesh-eating-maniac-GI-with-little-brain-to-loose


a fierce-viet-kong-who-really-dislikes-americans-even-the-dead-ones

Other ok costume includes :

Zombies on Crack, sexually deviant Super Heroes, Anything crazy enough to be cool, your Mama on pills

Not disguised guest will have to strip to their underwear if they want to get in. Hell yeah !

The overstay , your favourite haunted whore house is going back into time: It s Halloween baby !

29-30 October, 2011 at 21:00 – 07:00

Created by: Barrie Stringer, Dub Bkk, Kptain Kful, Da Overstay, Yuval Schwok

ForThe OverStay

The OverStay
Charan sanit wong soi 40, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Viet
Bkk Viet

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