Night Walker Demo Thonglor Bangkok Thailand

28 August, 2012 at 21:00


Child’s Play presents Night Walker!!!

Get ready to dance, thriller style!!! Child’s Play presents “Night Walker”, where we dance till death but yet… we rise again… from the dead.

Rise from the dead and go insanely zombie. We will take you nightwalkers on a journey to euphoric rapture where everything is possible. Lucid dream is what we aim to provide you. Let us all skydive from the swoon!

Expect some serious house, techno, electro and trance tunes. We guarantee that all you party animals will enjoy the endless mix from nine DJs of Child’s Play.

Tonight we are back from the underworld because Child’s Play party hard, even the dead can’t break us apart.

PS: We also have a special surprise for the people who attend this event, bring your lucky charms!!

Dress code: Zombie, Walking Dead, Blood, Brains!!!!!

Xonix (Progressive/Uplifting/Vocal Trance)
Meonyou & Ultaar (Electro House/Progressive)
DJ Bamee & DJ Ey (Electro House/Bigroom)
DJ Ninegod Clubfreestyle & DJ Zara Gift Clubfreestyle (Electro House/Electro/Progressive/Bigroom)
Neon Tiger (Electro/Progressive/Trance/Dubstep)
Doggystyle & JYE (Progressive/Electro/Trance)

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Bkk Party
Bkk Party

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