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Bangkok Club Culture Euphorium

Featuring djs>>
– Dj NIN (Master Of Electronic Music/Tha)
– JONNIE B (J-Sound/Tha)
– Hype Viper (Tha)

Trance Music Lovers In Thailand present: ”Euphorium”

Euphorium is a new edition of party in Bangkok, The main aim is, to bring back the sound that lost with the time in our country, BUT STILL the BEST Electronic music all over the world.

No one should control the music other than you urself and we aim at delivering top quality dance music . This is something that will send shivers down your spine , happiness to your heart and energy to legs and make you dance through-out the night.

Culture Fac In association with Trance Music Lovers In Thailand bring you the music of the century officially back to the country.

Euphorium is set to be the ‘Inception’ of Trance events in 2011, delivering extended sets, exciting sounds, emerging artists and deep, textured, progressively edged trance with so many layers it’ll put the entire Laundry in a trance within a trance.

Host by: Facebook/Trance Music Lovers In Thailand

Club Culture : Experience an icon of Bangkok Underground Clubbing
– (Club Culture is situated right by Democracy Monument, very close to Kao San Road. Opposite side of the monument to McDonalds).

Door Open – 9.00pm

Don’t miss out on the movement that returns the club to its clubbers.

30 September – 01 October at 21:00 – 02:00

Created by: Trance Music Lovers In Thailand, HypeViper Lenbury, Culture Fac, Aswin Narula, Dj-Heartilly Sirapalanon Jaikum, Amp Nita Dickinson, Democ Ratchadamnoen, John B J-Sound

Club culture
Ratchadamnoen Klang Road, very close to Kao San Road. Opposite side of the monument to McDonalds Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Eup
Bkk Eup