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Bangkok Club Soma is Generation X Feat. Gene Kasidit

Back in the 90’s!

The time when we thought it could end in 2000 by the Y2K shite! (well, what the heck was that anyway?) Who would have thought we could come up living with the internet, buying and playing music by mp3 in 2000’s. Yeah, life was different in 1990’s for people who had grown up through. Are you the 90’s kids? Remember the time when….

– There was no internet, no ipods and no mobile phones.
– Window 95 was the best
– Owning a Walkman was trendy
– You rented VHS tapes, not DVDs
– Cassettes weren’t ‘vintage’ or ‘retro’. They were just part of our everyday life.

Congrats if you still remember these, you’re the Generation X.

The generation that wasn’t GREAT but it’s COOL!

Club Soma is bringing back the good old days that has become ‘History’ by now with all the sound of 90’s. From Britpop to Grunge, Pop to Rap, Alternative to Electronica. Plus our special guest ‘Gene Kasidit’ will be performing LIVE with the 90’s touches! Come as you are celebrating the 90’s with the music, the friends, the lovers and all Generation X!

Club Soma is


Together in 90’s Dream

Friday, 14th October

9PM – 2AM

At Fish, Cosmic Café

Featuring ‘Gene Kasidit’ LIVE

Expect the best of 90’s Britopop / Grunge / Alternative / Electronica

Visual by PUTTISAK

Admission 200 Baht with 1 FREE Drink

See you all Gen X!

Club Soma x

14-15 October, 2011 at 21:30 – 02:00

Created by: Cosmiccafe Bkk, Kong Suvarnapradip, Gene Kasidit, Som Tum, Lady Soma

ForClub Soma

Fish (3rd Floor), Cosmic Cafe
RCA, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Kasidit
Bkk Kasidit