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This event will take place in the Bar while ‘ABOVE & BEYOND’ will perform in the White room on the same VERY special night!!! PLEASE NOTE – this is a separate event from ABOVE & BEYOND and entrance fee to this event WILL NOT grant you entry to ABOVE & BEYOND’s performance in the other room.

The Beginning
At the dawn of the 80s a new sound was emerging across the globe. In hot spots all over the U. S producers and musicians were deep in their studios developing a new style of soul. As people turned their backs on disco, up-tempo black music took a new direction and evolved into a modern form of the classic disco sound, known in the US as electro funk and in the UK as boogie and groove. With the advance in technology and science of production, the new style utilized machinery such as modern synths, for instance the Prophet 5, later the Yamaha DX7, and the Linn drum machine were firm favorites. These modern instruments enabled producers to forge a new electronic groove, which was further propelled from a bedrock of supreme musicianship. With the likes of Rick James, Nile Rodgers and Roger Troutman and help from classic soul vocalists such as Aretha Franklin, Patrice Rushen, and Luther Vandross, this unique formula could not fail.
Bristol History
While all of this was happening, a group of friends in a small corner of the UK decided to form what came to be known as ‘The Wild Bunch’ (Massive Attack), Bristol’s first DJ collective. They were renowned for spinning sets that drew large crowds on the club scene and incorporated disparate musical styles, including elements of punk, reggae, R&B, funk, disco and hip hop. The impact of ‘The Wild Bunch’ had a profound effect on the city, spawning many more DJ crews such as 2 Bad, FBI, UD4 (Roni Size), City Rockers and The Fresh 4 (Dj Krust). These crews were a catalyst to a brand new wave of underground warehouse parties, house parties and illegal jams. It was at this time two teenagers, Daniel Kausman (Blue Fontaine) and Augustine Hughes (Gus Pirelli) had begun their own personal journeys into sound. This rich musical backdrop kick started their lifelong obsession with boogie, funk, and soul music.
The Journey
As the golden era faded, a new wave of music spread through the land. House music took over where Disco left off and gave birth to a whole new style of dance. House evolved into Acid, Acid became Hardcore, Hardcore became Rave and Drum and Bass was born. Riding this musical roller coaster was a young DJ, Daniel Kausman. During this era Daniel went on to DJ, produce and release a whole host of records that would have a profound effect on the scene. At this time the sixteen year old Augustine Hughes was DJing at underground clubs in the Bristol area. From there he went on to learn the craft of the studio, honing his skills in the rebuilding of classic vintage equipment used in the boogie age. He continued to DJ and also toured internationally with bands as an instrumentalist.
Fast Forward To The Year 2000
Shortly after meeting, Hughes and Kausman were to sow the seeds for what would later become Laminate Radio. It was at the world famous Glastonbury Festival that they realised the importance of the laminated back stage pass, ‘your ticket to the promised land’. Laminates were the currency and the wearers were kings of this exclusive kingdom. With a desire to bring unity to the party the two embarked on a mission to spread laminates to one and all, insuring everyone could be a VIP. Once back in Bristol they began to unearth a treasure chest of forgotten musical gems. With this wealth of classic boogie joints, there was only one thing to do – spread the sound. The platform was a mythical radio station named Laminate Radio, broadcasting live from the record collections of Mr Blue Fontaine, and Mr Gus Pirelli.
The Show
The Laminate Radio Road Show is currently touring the UK performing at Glastonbury Festival and exclusive gigs in and around the Capital. You can expect live action packed DJ sets from the duo incorporating singers, MCs and live keyboards. With a bag of red hot Laminate boogie, they’re guaranteed to rock the house and move the people.

Entry is 900THB. RSVP for 500THB entrance. Entrance includes 1 drink.

23-24 October, 2011 at 09:00 – 03:00

Created by: Chris Atherton


Bed Supperclub
26 Sukhumvit Soi 11 Klongtoey-Nua, Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand 10110

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