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Charity Music Days BKK

Charity Music Days – Schedule

1st-Mar. 28(Mon), 2011
DEMO (Thonglor 10)
DJ Hiroo (JP/Oyamapan Sound/Giant Swing), Dj mAsa (JP/Giant Swing), DJ TO-RU (JP)
… & yellowman57 (ELECTRIC DOG)

2nd-Mar. 31 (Thu), 2011
Cosmic Cafe (RCA)
SOUND ELEMENT CREW, Boogie G ( Preduce )
DJ Pichy (Yaak Party/Polka Dot Cafe’)

3rd-Apr. 1 (Fri), 2011
Slim & Flix (RCA)
DJ MEAN (Thai), DJ OATAWA (Thai), DJ Kolor One etc..

4th-WTF Gallery & Bar (Sukhumvit 51)
Maft Sai (ZudRangMa Records), Chris Menist (The Right Side of Left)

5th-Outer Room (Sukhumvit 23)
Apr.2 (Sat), 2011
Over 17 groups of performers including DJ mAsa (JP), DJ TO-RU (JP)

6th-Apr. 6-11, 2011
Q BAR (Sukhumvit 11)
DJ TO-RU (JP), DJ Hiroo (JP), Dj mAsa (JP)
DJ ONO and Guest DJ from Q BAR.
*donating 1500 baht per bottle of Grey Goose sold for the entire week and on Wed we will also donate 200 baht per paid entry.

Donations raised by this event will be sent to Japanese Red Cross Society via Thai Red Cross Society by each participating venue & DJ TO-RU, a Japanese DJ based in Bangkok from Sendai City, one of the most affected areas by the earthquake occurred on March 11th.

We appreciate very much for your donation with paper money rather than coins to facilitate procedures for remittance to Japan.

Thank you for all your support!

1 April, 2011at 20:00 – 11 April at 23:30

Created by:, Zud Rangma, Tuanthong Vaidyanond, Tooru Yoshizawa, Taeko Takemoto, Hiroo Oyama, Masa Niwayama

Demo, Cosmic Café, Slim & Flix, WTF Gallery & Bar, Outer Room, Q BAR

Music Days
Music Days

Bitec Bangna

Culture One Bangkok International Dance Musice Festival

The big music festival are welcome all Thai people to join and have fun together at Helicopter Port, BITEC BANGNA, BANGKOK, THAILAND.

It’s the big music festival where they gather many famous DJs from Thai and other countries like England, Holland, Spain, USA, Singapore and Malaysia. This festival is going to be a huge party which you can see from the venue, Helicopter Port. It’s going to be a lot of fun, I’m sure for that and I’m dying to join this festival.

1. Culture One Main Arena, Jazzy Funk HipHop to Breakbeat and House.
DJs’ list: David Morales from USA
Stanton Warriors from UK
Andrew Chow from Singapore
SPYDAMONKEE from Thailand
Doundelement from Thailand
Duke’O’Phive from Thailand
And VJ Bangkok Noise

2. Amnesia Arena, Electro-House and Techno-Trance
DJs’ list: Marco V from Holland
Brian Cross from Spain
Toni Varga from Spain
Galacticsoul from Thailand
Tay from Thailand
And Oum from Thailand

3. Godskitchen Arena, Progressive Trance to Psytrance
DJs’ list: John OO Fleming from UK
AJ Gibson from UK
Sabaii Sabaii from Thailand
Tann from Thailand
Bank JJ from Thailand
With VJ Electrobacillus

4. DUDESWEET Arena, IndieTronica-Rock
DJs’ List: Filthydukes from UK
Twilight Actiongirl from Malaysia
Slur from Thailand
Cyndi Seui from Thailand
DUDESWEET DJS from Thailand

Find out more at Culture-one-bkk

Ticket: 650 Baht for pre-sale ticket and 850 Baht for ones who buy at the door.

If you’re interested, you can buy the ticket at Thaiticketmajor.

This is going to be the great experience that any parties in any clubs can’t give you.

Overtone RCA

Overtone and Delicate @ Overtone… RCA Bangkok

Overtone and Delicate presents….

Delicate Ex nite….

Noise by death trip

deathtrip is experimental noise project of tuan(guitarist of day tripper and futon).
first release is in 2002 call welcome to deathtrip.
second-deathtrip ..2003
third-911 ..2004
fourth-live ..2005
fifth-blackface ..2006
six-rape of nanking…2007

Sonic Art Performance by Bank Redtwenty

Bank Redtwenty
(well known as a leader of Redtwenty) is an international sonic artist.
Bank graduated Master degree of Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, London.
Bank formed an indie rock band, called Redtwenty and join Panda Records in 2000. The band released several singles and album with Panda Records and was invited to perform in several places, included Japan and Germany.

Experimental music by space360

Electronic musician and instructor of Audio Production for multimidia at DCI.
Releasing the first single of the BAMA the samp 1 in 2002
and the second single in 2003.
movin’ – 2005,forward – 2006 ,passionsound – 2007
Performance with Redtwenty on the 3rd fat fest evnt following with many live tournaments

Live Coding by Kijjaz

kijjaz’s team is a collaboration between musicians and cartoonists. They will have young talented cartoonist(s) showing their ideas (check out and enjoy!) drawing live together with kijjaz (computer, effects), poe (trumpet, effects), tao (acoustic guitar) creating soundscape, improvising and expressing together almost unprepared.

And Visual Live by Reset…. Resetting allows us to build up and follow through the concepts of creativity for any desired project.

Ticket: 100 Baht only
Venue: Overtone RCA
Date: Jan 13, 2008
Time: from 8pm till midnight