1st year Anniversary Arcadia Party

Arcadia 1 year anniversary

Date: Saturday 1st December
Venue @ Blur New Petchaburi Road

Fee: 200 baht with a free drink
Time: 9pm til late

Live Bands & Arcadia D.J

Free Giveaway and surprises during the night.

Live Bands;

The Richman Toy…….Album tracks & new single (as seen on channel V), as well as a selection of Kings of Leon covers.

The Groceries…………Songs from their new album and covers from the likes of The clash, Pigeon Detectives, subways, Ramones, The Strokes.

Daytripper (ooh)………New solo album tracks, Daytripper single & songs from the smiths, the libertines & Babyshambles.

More tbc.

Arcadia D.J playing Indie, Punk and Rock n’ Roll until late

See you

Luke & Rob (Arcadia)

Above is the information of the Arcadia party which appears to be the same day with 1st year anniversary of Soma Party as well. What’s more, Soma Party and Arcadia party are both British rock and Indie rock Parties.

So this Saturday night is a bit difficult for all party goers to make decision what party they will go to. Many of my friends will go to Soma Party which I have to admit that I prefer to go to Soma Party as well.

Now let’s talk about the difference and the similarity between these two parties for anyone who haven’t decided yet that which party they will join on the Saturday 1st, December.


1. They are both British Indie rock parties.
2. They were created in the same day and the same year. This coming Saturday is their 1st year anniversary.
3. Their entry fee is not much different.
4. They are both the DJs from England.
5. They have same fans who support them.
6. They are both going to have surprised for guest on their 1st year anniversary.


1. Soma party has 4 inventors with two Thai girls and two British guys while Arcadia is created by two British guys.
2. It seems that Soma has more fans than Arcadia (From my own observation)
3. Soma party is more famous according to the frequent appearance on the media like magazine and TV, while Arcadia has never been on any media yet (also from my observation)
4. Arcadia has two cute DJs from England who seem to be cuter than Soma party’s DJs (this is not my opinion, but from many girls I used to talk with)
5. Arcadia party is at Blur where they close quite late, while Soma party is close at 2am only.

And this is it, I can’t think any more difference or similar things between both parties. Hope the list can help you make a decision either more or less.

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