Club Lime Phuket

CLUB LIME new year party…. at Patong Beach

CLUB LIME new year party….

Thai Dj Eddie playing electro house – 12 to 2 and Italian Dj Bella G playing tech house – 2 to late.

If you aren’t living at Phuket and need to find out more information about it, you can at club Lime website and DJ Bella G website.

DJ Bella is my friend who used to own the Jazz it club at RCA. Now he’s already moved to Phuket, so I don’t have much chance to see him these days. So if you are at Phuket and don’t know where to celebrate New Year’s Eve yet, Club Lime is the good choice. Enjoy the music and have fun.

Tapas club

Tapas Club, Silom Soi 4 on Friday 24th of August 2007

Yes, I went to three parties, two clubs in one night. Tapas Club had great music as usual, i’ve always been there at the 2nd floor of the club and it was crowded as usual as well. Many Farangs, I was a minority when i was there. I know it sounds weired but it is. Many clubs in Bangkok has more Farangs than Thai people. Most of Thai people go to RCA and Ratchada, i guess. Anyhow, I was at Tapas for only 1 hour because it was so crowded and hardly had a space to stand, so forget about dancing. And me and one of my friend were not actually in a good location. Head Speaker was beyond us, we had to bend our heads down. Even there was so many people and crowded, we still enjoyed it with great music and I also took some pics to show you too. Enjoy them.:-)

Tapas Club, Silom Soi 4 on Friday 24th of August

Luminous Club

Soma Party, Luminous Club, Silom Soi 4 on Friday 24th of August 2007

Soma secret Party at the 2nd floor and the 3rd floor of Luminous Club. Many people there even it was a secret party. It’s one of the most top secret parties they’ve ever organized so they only send the full information to our loyal fans who always support Club Soma. And one of them is me! 🙂

The 2nd Floor was Indie-Rock/Britpop by DJ Somarange & DJ Matty Boy
and the 3rd Floor Indie-Disco/Electro by DJ Dookie & DJ Andy Malibu

The party started at 9 PM until 3 AM

And also Hip Hop music party at the first floor of Luminous club, I have some pics to show you also. There were many great dancers there. I enjoyed just watch the way they moved.

Soma Party at Luminous Club Silom soi 4