Bangkok Cafe Democ French Wild Horses Part.1 Poni Hoax Dj Set

FReNCH WiLD HoRSES are heading to Bangkok!
We’re pretty excited to welcome the lead composer of the brilliant parisian band PONI HOAX!!

–LAURENT BARDAINNE will perform a unique DJ/Live set made from all the remixes of Poni Hoax’s songs.
And, as his hands might get too static with a laptop, he’ll bring also his saxophone for some free jazz impro.

Music lovers in Bangkok, rock jazz electro whatever, you shouldn’t miss it!

–You don’t know Poni Hoax, yet??

How to qualify their style…garage rock, noisy, new wave, italo-disco, surely it’s a blend of this and this, unique patchwork which always deliver haunting compositions, inhabited voice and fatal melodies…

Listen to BUDAPEST, SHE’S ON THE RADIO or ANTIBODIES to be convinced.

PONI HOAX has been signed on TIGERSUSHI label, owned by renown producer JOAKIM, and ABRACADA.

They have played in numerous festivals in France of course but also in Berlin, Tokyo, Moscow, Brussels,The Hague, New-York MoMA…

And also support by live man-machines:

–FUNDAMENTAL HARMONICS, french electronic music producer based in Bkk to perform his eerie loops& hypnotic beats live on Ableton and 32 knobs controller.

–AFTERKLUB aka Dane Wetschler and his monomachine. As heard from last time at Democ, this guy got some quite good compositions!

The guys might finish savagely by throwing their favorites CDs in the desks.

This is FReNCH WiLD HoRSES Part 1!! Dress code Black&White!!

Part 2 to follow soooon!!!

6-7 August, 2011 at 21:30 – 01:30

Created by: Baptiste Mauerhan, Laurent Outangbardainne, Agnes Dherbeys, Culture Fac, Democ Ratchadamnoen, Dane Wetschler

78 #3,Democracy Monument, Thanon Rajchadamneon Klang / opposite to McDonald’s, Bangkok, Thailand 10200

Bkk Horses

Bkk Horses

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