Cafe Democ

Bangkok Cafe Democ PsyHead Community

Psyhead Community is back!!!!
This party has been establish since 2006 by Dj Goa gummy and Dj Minoom for all happy people to meet and dance together with the pure psychedelic,goa style. so if you in Bangkok around that time don’t miss this party, and its free entrance party.we make non profit party because we just wanna party arghooo!

Cafe De Moc is about 5 mins walk from kaosarn road. around the Democracy Monument.

For the Djs line up will be annouce soon!
11-12 August, 2011 at 22:00 – 02:00

Created by: Jannipa Yoosaeng, Gummy Sirisuth, Democ Ratchadamnoen, Culture Fac

Cafe democ
Ratchadamnoen Klang Road(Conner of Democracy monument) Tel. 08-9497-8422
Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Psy
Bkk Psy

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