Bangkok Cosmic Synthesizer Fever The Unfinished Synthphony

Supersub Organizer and Kistch Cat Presents…

Lineup includes: Gramaphone Children and Cyndi Seui [Spinning Nu-Disco and Electro synthamagic-ear-candy]. Stargazer, K.I.T.T.I and Attonomat, plus Wapz [Live Band]. Visuals by Electrobacillus and Underscore VJ.

18-19 June, 2011 at 20:00 – 03:00

Created by: Gramaphone Children, Supersub Organizer, Stargazer Papa, Vinzent All’z, Pai Pai Lactobacillus

Cosmic Cafe
RCA , Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Synthphony

Bkk Synthphony

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