Bangkok Culture Summer Break Post Exam Party

Summer break post-exam party
Open Bar All Night
Saturday, MAY 28th 2011

…VENUE : Club Culture : Bangkok Underground Clubbing Experience

For clubbers and dance music lovers from across the Universe will get the chance to experience an icon of Bangkok underground club, CLUB CULTURE.

(Club Culture is situated right by Democracy Monument, very close to Kao San Road. Opposite side of the monument to McDonalds).

because it’ll be celebrating end of exams, there will be a lot of happiness around! What happy fun things can we do?

Dearest comrades in arms, we do deserve one big, crazy and wild party session with the “SUMMER BREAK POST-EXAM PARTY” …

After all the mind-numbing hours in lab, countless hours of drowning in Starbucks and Red Bull while Netter makes you his bitch, and after studying flaschards until blindness sets in, test day finally arrives. Although it’s painful, you eke your way through the exam, regurgitating massive quantities of information as if you have just guzzled ipecac.

You turn in the exam, stagger out of Ginsburg and barge out of Evans into the bright daylight. Although temporarily blinded, a grin slowly stretches across your weathered face.

It’s time for the class of 2011 post exam party, where there are no empty glasses and the night always ends in blackout…

Line Up >> 2 Rooms To Make You Move!!!
Room 1: XULU(SF,USA) & J-Sound Presents; Electric Fuse
Featuring; Dj U-TAA(USA), VINNIE284 & JONNIE B(J Sound)

Room 2: Black n’ Pink/France presents: C L A S S I C : OLD SKOOL HOUSE
Featuring; Dj HOKUS(Black n’ Pink Music/France) & CHRISKING (ClubCulture/TH)

Admission : 500 THB
Free Bar All Night

28-29 May, 2011 at 21:00 – 02:00

Created by: Club Culture, Bangkok, Democ Ratchadamnoen

Ratchadamnoen Klang Rd.,
Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Break

Bkk Break

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