Bangkok Demo Giant Drag

SUPERSWEET Live! presents: Giant Drag, Yellow Fang, Cuckoo, Note Dudesweet (DJ), Gunn Lee (Lighting)

Tickets: 850 baht
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Giant Drag are consisted of Annie Hardy (vocals, guitar) and Micah Calabrese (drums, synth) and they’re from LA. We first saw them live in 2006 and they blew us away with their honest and fun grunge rock performance. But don’t take Giant Drag for their face value, these guys will steal your heart not just for their performance but also their silly charms AND Annie’s long monologues! The debut album ‘Hearts & Unicorns’ (2005) was widely praised and their recent EP last year ‘Swan Song’ (2010) was much loved. We hear album numero 2 is finished so they’ll likely showcase it here in Bangkok. Don’t miss this World Premier!

27-28 June, 2011 at 19:30 – 02:00

Created by: Supersweet Live

Thonglor, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Drag

Bkk Drag

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