Bangkok Glow Dj Honey

Thursday October 6th 2011

DJ Honey G (TH)
DJ Emilka (UK)

Asian Sexy DJ & UK Sexy DJ in the house !

DJ Honey G :

Not only her skill and personality that shines but also
DJ Honey G has the ability to read a crowd and play music to get everybody in the right mood.

“Everything I’m trying to do – in my DJing, is sharing emotion.
When I’m DJing that’s all I’m looking for.
It’s what matters the most!”

Her unique style and music knowledge will guide you into a new a fresh sound that Party lovers will be dying to listen to.

With her impressive skills and cheerful personality, it’s no wonder that Honey G is on the
way to be one of World’s favorite DJs!

Get Ready to be Honey coated with fat beats, crisp highs and cutting edge mixing.

DJ Emilka :

Emilka, (22) is a UK born Dj* She started playing when at 19 soon after joining SAE Bangkok; since then moved to Leeds (2009) and let her talent behind the decks evolve there.

Emilka has been lucky enough to have played for such nights as the legendary Back to Basics, Dirty Disco and has had residency, together with her Dj partner then Klaudia Jasmin, at Leed’s newest night Flux.

Emilka’s style predominantly lies in the House sphere, this encompasses Deep, Tech, Disco, Vocal, Progressive House , plus a dab of Techno when need be . The audience’s response is crucial for Emilka, as their energy is her energy on the dancefloor. Now based in Bangkok, there will be new grounds for her to step on and livin’ up Watch this space!

Come support DJ Honey G’s & DJ Emilka’s monthly event at Glow
Expect fresh music and house full of hot girls !

Before midnight : Bottles of Russian standard vodka at half price!

Entrance : only 200 baht includes 1 drink
Door open : 9pm – 3am

6-7 October, 2011 at 21:00 – 03:00

Created by: Jam Glowsukhumvit, Giftzy G-Gift

GLOW Nightclub
Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Honey

Bkk Honey

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