Bangkok Glow Nightclub Road To Solyaris

Road To Solyaris is the party the Wrong Disco boys are throwing down at Glow this month.

DJ Baptiste and DJ Will will take turns from 10pm to 4am and deliver all those beats they are crazy about.
ADD music heads will be served : dub techno, deep house, techno, UK bass and the odd tunes they will drop to shake the club down to its foundations.

The journey starts at 10pm.
Fare : 200B inc. 1 complimentary drink.
Departure from Glow, Sukhumvit 23.

23- 24 April, 2011 at 22:00 – 04:00

Created by: Guillaume Popineau, Baptiste Mauerhan, Jam Glowsukhumvit

Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Solyaris

Bkk Solyaris

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