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Bangkok The Overstay Bob Marley 30 Years Anniversary

Bob marley 30 years anniversary

We ll be celebrating Bob Marley’s life this wednesday 11 th May at the overstay.

The Bangkok reggae soundsystem scene is growing up this year with new selectas joining us from New York and original Mc from Jamaica.
Also featuring The best Thai Reggae Mc Dee and Jack (Miraculous) backing up The Kalymistic sound system front man : DJ Bartes. Feel up the vibe and join us for this big celebration.

The only good system is the sound system. Respect to all the massive, peace out !

11 May, 2011 at 20:00 – 23:00

Created by: The OverStay, Dub Ian, Vinni Kiniki, Dub Bkk, Tristan Ainscough, Yuval Schwok

The overstay
Charan sanit wong soi 40
Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Bob Marley
Bkk Bob Marley

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