Bangkok The Overstay Election Special Party

new thai order ; elections special

Because tomorrow is probably going to be armagedon follow our party special coverage of the elections circus

Concept ; prohibition party, follow the dresscode (1930 gangster) to get in. The overstay will only open upstairs (3 floor and rooftop).
music style ; electro swing to remember prohibition ,songs of freedom by Kalymistic sound system (reggae dancehall) and some rage against the machine tracks because hell it s election time !

and also :

caricature contest on elections posters (yes the one with the animals)

we will have a fake election that will decide of some part of the night so be sure to vote !

2-3 July, 2011 at 21:00 – 08:00

Created by: Yuval Schwok

ForThe OverStay

The overstay
Charan sanit wong soi 40
Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Election

Bkk Election

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