Bangkok The OverStay Overstay 3 years Anniversary

DJ Bartes (Kalymistic)

Original Soundboy from Barcelona, selecta and producer at his hours, he has help building bridge for the reggae lovers in and out of Thailand. More Fya Selecta !

45 Thieves (Conquest Records)

The jungle is strong with this DJ, precursor of the Dnb in Bangkok, he is keeping the Irie music in fast beats.

Vincent Smith (Evolver)

New crew in town the evolver are mixing a new blend of bass music and getting the city dancing.

V838 & Captain Kful & Typhoon (Dub Fear)

Dubstep masters and Bad MCs Dub Fear is giving DUB music a new face, the new generation is coming up.

24 September at 21:00 – 25 September at 09:30
Created by: Yuval Schwok
ForThe OverStay
The OverStay
Charan sanit wong soi 40

Bkk Over

Bkk Over

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