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Reopening party

The Saturday 4 th of June the Overstay will throw one of it memorable party in a whole fresh environment. The overstay, known as the place for underground culture in Bangkok, will have a reopening party : massive Culture / party combo :
Hip Hop / Dancehall / Reggae sound system on the bar level with original Mc, 2 quality rock bands in The Warehouse followed by 3 massive DnB DJ & Dubstep. To add to the excitement we have some VJ and installations ready to fire the imagination and the varnishing of 3 Artists (street art, photography, psychedelic) starting the monthly overstay exhibition.
As always party at the overstay last all night, have a big following and attract the freaks of Bangkok, as well as the adventurist ravers.

The bar
DJ Kai : Raggae Muffin, (Th)
Kalymistic sound System with DJ Bartes Dancehall (Spa)
And with the Backing of Miraculous and Mc Lyrical Romi
Avon : Hip Hop (Ken)

The Warehouse
The Overstay experience ; is a symphonic orchestra of highly innovative sounds and noise lead by Music Teacher JD.

Clarity peak : Dubstep (Uk)
45 Thieves : Jungle , DnB (Us)
DJ Amnesty : Dnb (Uk)

4-5 June, 2011 at 21:30 – 00:30

Created by: The OverStay, Jean-David Caillouët, Wes Mather, Deyan MadHatter, Vinni Kiniki, Yuval Schwok

The OverStay
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Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Power

Bkk Power

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