WTF Bar & Gallery

Bangkok WTF Bar with 4Players II

4Playes will spin a superior selection of pressed wax and live visuals @ WTF Bar & Gallery – the connoisseurs location of choice for July 9 😉

In the tune bag for the night will be groove picks from the last four decades:

Think of a chrono-illogical musical mash-up, including classic tracks you’ve never heard, retro synth-funk, psychedelic reverb, and disco cuts from the sharp end, spliced and diced for your aural pleasure.

Ocular masseuse FREELENSER will project and manipulate a live-mixed montage of colourful canopies, film edits and assorted eye-spinners.

free entry

9-10 July, 2011 at 20:00 – 01:30

Created by: 4Players, Joe Serrani, Gabriel Camelin, Minntentbo Tinmaung, Henry Pfister, Quatro Ludo

WTF Bar & Gallery
Sukhumvit 51, Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk 4PlayersII
Bkk 4PlayersII

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