Bed bar got hotter and more pricy and I found Tapas lost drummer

Was in Bed Supper club last night it was suppose to be some kind of Wednesday’s model night. But either I took the wrong day or the models in Thailand are much shorter then they used to be. I saw some models walking around but nothing special and one of them even started fighting with some people just before the club was closing down and even outside he could not stop fighting. Why can not farang in Thailand just get along in packed places? Most Thai places do not even need guys with “bouncer” t-shirts.

Bed Supper Club is divided in to two sections and one had Salsa / Latin music and that is ok if they play song that people with normal skills can dance to but 90 % of the music he played have never been heard in Thailand before. In the other section they played great Techno music as always and I saw that the drummer from Tapas in Silom 4 had got a new work at Bed. Funny why they did not move him into the Salsa room?

The price to go inside must have gone up at the same time as they turned of the air conditions inside. If Bed is to be a all so Hi So and people paying 700 THB to go inside you better make sure that they have a proper aircon system in the place. I saw people leaving before 00.00 because their dresses and suits could not stand the heat lucky I had a t-shirt. Even a Go Go bar is better cooled down then Bed bar last night or maybe it was to create a South American feeling?

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