Blue & Green Sramanora Waterfall 28 Sep Koh Phangan Thailand

28 September 2012 at 21:00

Koh phangan, ban kai at bancha resort

Blue & Green

BLUE is for the water & GREEN is for the jungle.
Is the outdoor club, on a breath taking waterfall in the jungle of ban kai. A place for all party people and electronic dance music lovers. Enjoy our naturell swimming pool, chill area, new sound system and much more … fully rain covered and saves for the heat of the sun.

Come, see, hear, feel and celebrate with us special gathering from night till late morning with resident dj Peter G. Phangan & friends from around the world.

Beng (Sramanora family / Thailand)
Tribal_Sky (Sramanora-resident / Russia)
Dj Boyonic (Half-Moon-Festival, Backyard / Thailand)
Filipoo Calvenzi (Sramanora-resident / Italy)
Peter G (Blue&Green-Phangan,Guy’s Bar / Germany)

Music love & peace keep it alive….
Peter g & bancha family

For more information:

Phangan Party

Phangan Party

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