Chez Lodin Bangkok Healing Melodies Event

Charity Music Event for Japan to soothe the mind and soul

Live Music by:

– Deun (Thailand)
…A thai acoustic guitar player, Deun has been involved in the thai duo “we are song birds. She will play solo at Lodin and she definitely will put us in the mood for more…

– Gogochas (Japan/UK)
A quartet of musicians fusioning folk music from far east to far west. Expect to listen to an Acoustic and folk music from many different places in the world – Scotland, Ireland, Hawai’i, Okinawa, and more. Plays guitar, flute, clarinet, accordion, sanshin, ukulele, and more.

During The GoGochas session, Jun, will play Sanshin (Okinawan musical instrument) and interpret “Full Moon Evening” (満月の夕), a popular song composed after the Kobe earthquake to give hope and soothe the survivors.

– Black Country
A dual vocal band, who play dark country music covers (Nancy & Lee, Nick Cave, and others). Male and female vocals, guitar, Cajun and harmonica (hopefully Mick).

– Jean-David Caillouët (France), Jin Matutamtada (Japan), and Jonathan Narachinron (Thai/UK)
Jean-David Caillouët is a sound and film artist based in Bangkok. As a multi-instrumentalist and producer, he has collaborated with artists as varied as the composers Kimho Ip from Hong Kong and Anothai Nitibhon from Thailand, Cape Coast based musician Kwesi Quayson, the Scottish Indie band Aberfeldy and Celtic singer Heather MacLeod. He has performed internationally, playing well respected festivals such as Celtic Connections or the Edinburgh Fringe.
Jin is a Silpakorn University’s talented sound artist who is interested in experimental ambient, using synthesizers and other musical instruments.
Jonathan is an acoustic guitar player who teaches at university. It’s a first time for all three to work out together.

Visual by: Freelenser (Gabriel Camelin), Peak and Dew

100 bath per person
All the entry fees will be donated to the Japanese Red Cross

24 March, 2011 at 20:30 – 01:00

Created by: Miku Yasuhira, Laudine Dubeaux, Gabriel Camelin, Junko Nishimoto

Chez Lodin
19 Prachathipatai Rd.(after Saphan Wanchaat)bangkok, 5 minutes walk from Democracy monument
Bangkok, Thailand

Healing Melodies events

Healing Melodies events

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