Glow Nightclub Underground Circus Version 2.2 Bangkok Thailand

12 May, 2012 at 22:00 until 04:00

SUNJU HARGUN (Microzoo Recordings, Qbar Bangkok)
DAN BURI (Asia Music/Stab Recordings/Champion Sound)
SHEH M (Underground Circus)

As a special promotion we have the Group Contest, which entitles the biggest group of the night, the winner of a big bottle of vodka plus mixers! You have to enter the club before 1 am with an amount of people which is higher than all the other groups, and you’ll be the lucky one

300 THB incl. 1 free drink
Doors open at 10pm | No Request’s allowed
Free Vodka Shots from 10pm – 12am (don’t say we never told you so )

For more information:
Bkk Party

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