Japanese Pla-dib rock party silom Bangkok

Silom soi 2/1, Venue: Break, 2nd floor of Richard restaurant.

Date: Friday 17th August

The theme of this party is Japanese and seems like the organizers of this party are Japanese too. I went there with a few friends and we had to pay 200 Baht for entrance fee and get one free drink.

We first met with a few guys who were in front of the party kept the entrance fee, they are all Japanese and couldn’t speak Thai at all. They gave us the tiny cards which I don’t know what they were for. I asked them in Thai(First I didn’t know they are Japanese), they looked confuse so I ask them in English and then they told me “It’s for ‘DURINKU’” which means drink in English. They made me in the mood of Japan just before get into the party anyway,hehe.

When we got in, the place was not quite big, there was a few couches to sit. The dancefloor and the bar were separated by the curtain. The wall is decorated with many disc and some painting.

The music was not so Japanese as I think. The theme is Japanese pla-dip rock party, so i dressed up with short red skirt like Japanese students but I was the only one who wore Japanese dress in that party. So I realized since that time that it wasn’t worth at all to walk all the way down from soi convent to silom soi 2/1 with that short red skirt, I was so embarrassed at that time.

They started with Indie rock music but seemed like i went there a pretty late, so we danced with only a few songs of British Indie rock music. Then they started with Electro music by DJ Magic Muffin :-), P’Oui, she’s my friend and also a good DJ too. UUhh, forget to mention, there were only female DJs in the party. So it started to be a lot of fun with non-stop Electro music until the club closed.

Oh, and if you wanna use toilet when you go to Break, make sure to go to toilet when you first feel you wanna use it otherwise it will be too late because there is only one toilet for you in the club for both men and women. But the toilet is nice with beautiful decorations.

Now, let’s get back talking about the dancefloor again. I danced all night long until my thrid vodka-redbull, then it was a time to take a break for me at the couch. My trick was drink fast so you will get drunk very quickly, save money and have fun though:-). Don’t expect for any models in the indie rock party theme, they weren’t there. Check out the pics i took before getting drunk: fun, good music, cute DJs.

Pla-dib rock party, Silom soi 2/1

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