Keep Songkran Cool in Bangkok at Bed Thailand

Let’s say goodbye for 40 degrees weather outside and for one night at Bed Supperclub on Friday, April 13th, right in the middle of the steamiest time of the year, we’re asking you to put on your sexiest whites and get ready to slide and glide with us.

Our snowflakes and white sparkles theme will transform Bed Supperclub into an Abominable Snowman ice cave. As the beats go up, the temperature drops. Well, unless you’re dancing, anyway.

Some of the evening’s highlights will include ice sculptures, snow making machines, a chilled Grey Goose vodka bar, fresh fruit frozen mojitos, an ice garden, and introducing Bangkok’s first ‘freeze-out.’ (The freeze-out will be filmed at 1:00 am in the restaurant and will feature a 30 second freeze request from all guests)

Entry Ticket 900 + 2 Drinks
1 drink must be Grey Goose
Dress Code : All in White

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