Ken Ishii – Ibiza Best Techno DJ is going to have his set in Thailand

Ibiza Best Techno DJ “Dance Music Awards 2004”

Ken Ishii, a Japanese DJ who debuted his work on a Belgian Techno Label, R&S Record in 1993. Then he won No. 1 on the UK’s NME magazine’s techno chart which led him to worldwide recognition.

Ken used to performed his set in Thailand before, and this Saturday is going to be the another chance for Thais or anyone who live in Thailand to enjoy his famous set.

It’s a great opportunity to join one of the best DJs sets in the world.

Venue: Club Culture, Sri Ayudthaya Road
Date: Sat 17th, November 2007
Entry fee: 600 Baht, for Club culture member pays 500 Baht.

Seems like there are many cool parties on this coming Saturday, choose one then but for me I haven’t decide where to go on this Saturday night yet. Anyhow, I will let you guys see the pictures of the party later so you will know which party I’ve decided to go to.

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