Loy Krathong party in the full moon night at Cafe Democ

The party is represented by SuperSub and Electrobazillub

Date: Loy Krathon day, 24th November 2007

Venue: Cafe Democ, Democracy Monument near to Khao sarn Road

They offer you the best night on Loy Krathong Day, if you want to have more things to do besides floating Krathong to the river, you should join this party which will remind you the best Loy Krathong Day for you ever.

I have no plan for Loy Krathong day. I normally don’t go out for party on Loy Krathong day but I might change my mind. First of all, do you all do Krathong by yourself this year or just buy from the street side?

I have already what Krathong I’m going to float this year. Bread Krathong is my choice, it looks lovely and also yummy. Good for fish then.

Back to the party, I want to know if I can float the Krathong in Cafe Democ, Can I do that????

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