Overtone and Delicate @ Overtone… RCA Bangkok

Overtone and Delicate presents….

Delicate Ex nite….

Noise by death trip

deathtrip is experimental noise project of tuan(guitarist of day tripper and futon).
first release is in 2002 call welcome to deathtrip.
second-deathtrip ..2003
third-911 ..2004
fourth-live ..2005
fifth-blackface ..2006
six-rape of nanking…2007

Sonic Art Performance by Bank Redtwenty

Bank Redtwenty
(well known as a leader of Redtwenty) is an international sonic artist.
Bank graduated Master degree of Sonic Arts at Middlesex University, London.
Bank formed an indie rock band, called Redtwenty and join Panda Records in 2000. The band released several singles and album with Panda Records and was invited to perform in several places, included Japan and Germany.

Experimental music by space360

Electronic musician and instructor of Audio Production for multimidia at DCI.
Releasing the first single of the BAMA the samp 1 in 2002
and the second single in 2003.
movin’ – 2005,forward – 2006 ,passionsound – 2007
Performance with Redtwenty on the 3rd fat fest evnt following with many live tournaments

Live Coding by Kijjaz

kijjaz’s team is a collaboration between musicians and cartoonists. They will have young talented cartoonist(s) showing their ideas ..blog.exteen.com (check out and enjoy!) drawing live together with kijjaz (computer, effects), poe (trumpet, effects), tao (acoustic guitar) creating soundscape, improvising and expressing together almost unprepared.

And Visual Live by Reset…. Resetting allows us to build up and follow through the concepts of creativity for any desired project.

Ticket: 100 Baht only
Venue: Overtone RCA
Date: Jan 13, 2008
Time: from 8pm till midnight

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