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Pattaya LimaLima Club Dj Black & White

LimaLima Club Pattaya Presents: DJ BLACK & WHITE

From Germany the very special guest DJs, BLACK & WHITE.

A dynamic DJ Duo – Danny Black (half Thai) & Toby White’s aim is to bring up the underground scene with creative mixing and new underground waves.

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– Time: 9.00pm
– Venue: LimaLima Club
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Background on DJ BLACK & WHITE:

Danny „Da Namic“ Black is one of the most talented newcomers of the electronic music scene. His dynamic sound ( that is the reason why he was formerly known as “Da Namic” ) and his creative mixing made him rapidly to a popular DJ in the German nightclubs and he has risen from a nobody to a rising star in DJ heaven.

Mr. Black actually came from a another musical background, because he dedicated himself to Hip Hop music more than 5 years before he began to discover the turntables and the humming beats of the night.

At the age of 19 he met Toby White, who has been working as a talent scout at that time. He was teaching Danny the basics of the theory of djing in a short period of time. In year 2008, the first bookings in the clubbing scene of the “Ruhrgebiet” in the west of Germany appeared where he was able to impress the audience with his sound and skills.

Driven from the passion for adventures the half Thai DJ was dragged to his hometown Bangkok, where he founded the project Black & White with Toby White.

Toby White has learned to make music at the age of 6 and he has dedicated himself to music for more than a quarter-century.

Influenced by the music of the 80’s, which he has been grown up with, as well as the beginning of techno in the early 90’s, he grew as a freethinker DJ, who has never been captured in only one niche of the electronic music scene of Germany.

After several years where Toby has filled Germany with techno and minimal sound, he was drawn due to the wish to gather new experiences to Thailand, where he entertains especially the Bangkokian and international party crowd with his groovy deep house and floating tech-house sounds throughout the tropical nights.

In year 2010 he founded the event series Bangkok City Beats together with his DJ partner Danny Black.

30 March, 2011 at 21:00 – at 05:00

Created by: LimaLima Club Pattaya

LimaLima Club
Bali Hai Pier, end of Walking Street
Pattaya, Thailand


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