Pattaya Motoroom Club Let’s Light Up the Dance Floor

Loy Kratong in Motoroom club

special guest


Let’s light up the dance-floor!!!

Reality, emotions, feelings, sensations…It’s impossible to experience
all this just by tactile means or eyesight…The only way to taste it
exists due to fruits of one’s soul creativity. Creativity is
performance, image, energy, output. It’s necessary to give oneself
totally, only in this case you can reach 100% success..

Unfortunately, such simple truth has been forgotten. Considering
performance of some club Dj s, we can guess that for some scene
perfomers it’s just convenient to forget about this. They have
simplified their tasks up to the minimum – compiling a record, filling
up pockets with a new royalty, going away…But isn’t it boring? It’s
just stale, without a trace of personality. Just some of them know how
to stay different from others, Original in the capital letter “O”.
Only those who live for their work, give themselves to the audience,
breathe in time with the dance-floor can be called bright and really
Natasha Baccardi is a girl from Saint-Petersburg. What we can say
about her is that she’s flying together with the fresh wind of souls
of electronic music experts. Bright, easy to remember, stylish and
touching…It seems like the most commonplace phrase “she makes people
happy” was designed specially for her. Each performance is not just
impeccable music selection, but also eccentric image full of harmony,
dazzle look, and what’s more – inflammatory dance-show right behind
the dj stand. Apart from amazing sound and visual presents, everyone
who has ever visited her performance, was flooded with pure and warm
emotions, making you forget any negative feelings ever stored in your
soul. She leaves a trace in memory, it’s too difficult to forget her!
Black-haired girl with innocent eyes, millions of watt of energy,
perfect music compilation and exclusive costumes, each prepared for a
new performance…She will flash by like a whirlwind through the country
and will prove that even among Djs gods exist…!!!

11-12 November, 2011 at 22:00 – 01:00

Pattaya, Chonburi, Thailand

Pattaya Light

Pattaya Light

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