Pattaya walking Street and after 02.00

One of our team was down in Pattaya last weekend. Lucifer on walking street is the place for you to go if you like Hip Hop and if you want to have a security guard show you not in English. “Please order drink or 120 THB in cover charge” Please do you really have to force people to drink how stingy can you be. But sure the place is nice but the push for drinks is a big turn off.

Head for Marine 1 if you like girls in hot pants high heels and bra dancing to some old classic techno. The waitresses are notaries for hunting you with flashlights if you don’t drink or order. Order a mix shot glass and take the glass home it’s included in the drink makes a great souvenir. There are a lot of lady boys in here so watch in the dark corners. The place does not get pumping before 02.00 but it close 03.00.

If you still not had enough head for Marine 2 and let the stroboscope kick your eyeballs in. It’s very dark in here and ladyboys in every corner. Most people from Marine 1 move here after it closes. The music is actually pretty good in here and it all ends at 06.00

If you still had not have enough go back to JD near walking street and dance a few house more until the sun sets on the sky.

None of the places take entrance free but they will hunt you down for a drink. On Sundays Marine 1 have a lucky draw so keep the tickets from the drink you ordered.

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