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A British local now residing in Kunming – China, DSK was introduced to Hip-hop and electro music in the early eighties and immediately began B-boying, Graffiti and DJing but soon thereafter focused on the musical aspect, turned to the tables, and set to work perfecting his scratch and battle style techniques. After making a name for himself as a DJ he began to produce Hip-hop tracks which soon led to vinyl releases and a serie…s of Hip-hop, Funk and Electro mix CDs. After DJing and producing songs in the UK he left the UK shores for a greater challenge and established himself in Asia and eventually settled in China, achieving fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

As a performer DSK started out in the UK but has since become well known throughout China and Asia for his mixing and scratching skills, across various musical genres. DSK can be found mixing Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk and Reggae, whilst his specialty is Old Funk/Soul and B-Boy Breaks. During the last few years DSK has toured extensively in such countries as India, Wales, Germany, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia, Hong Kong, India and, of course, his home country – England. Working on the club/festival circuit as a performer and organizer, he has put together numerous well received “special shows”that incorporate live music with Hip-Hop elements. These have included DJ shows mixed with Latin/African percussion, funky saxophone, the best MCs and singers and also Hip-Hop dancers and Graffiti, always emphasizing the importance of “pushing boundaries and keeping things fresh, exciting and original”.

13 March, 2011 at 21:00 – 03:00

Created by: Qbar Bkk

Q Bar
Sukhumvit Soi 11
Bangkok, Thailand

DJ DSK Funkin up

DJ DSK Funkin up

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