Cafe Democ

Bangkok Cafe Democ with Backbeat


A night of the best music ever recorded purely from the 60’s and 70’s.

Shimmie and shake to Northern Soul, R&B, Motown, and R&R tunes all night.

Free Entry
1st Oct 2011
@ Cafe De Moc

(Right on the Democracy Monument round-about. Not Victory Monument!)

01 October at 21:00 – 02 October at 02:00

Created by: Jimmy Livewire


78 #3,Democracy Monument, Thanon Rajchadamneon Klang / opposite to McDonald’s, Bangkok, Thailand 10200

Bkk Beat
Bkk Beat
Cafe Democ

Bangkok Cafe Democ Cdb Jam Sessions

Café de Bangkok PROUDLY PRESENTS: CdB Jam Sessions
Electric acoustic guitar with Indy, R&B, Beat box Sounds

Music will kick off around 9 pm to midnight.

Singha Beer Buffet 490 bath
Cocktail Buffet 590 bath
125 bath for cocktail
100 bath for sangria
Dinner menu
Thai and Italian food

Established by a group of entrepreneurs who understand and appreciate the experience of a “good night out” and aim to bring it to life at Café de Bangkok.

A genuine escape not only from the exhaustion of working life, but from the hustle of what has become the “typical Bangkok night life”.

Café de Bangkok presents a perfect opportunity to meet with friends and reconnect with families over a cozy meal and relaxing atmosphere.
Sometimes, you don’t have to look very far to relish and live in the moment.

TWITTER: twiiter@cafe_de_bangkok you follow us and we will follow you.

Café de Bangkok
Ekamai 26-28 opposite Ekamai 21
Bangkok Thailand

BTS Skytrain: Ekamai
Car Parking available

We look forward to serving you

T: 083.859.3708

21 September, 2011 at 20:00 – 23:30

Created by: Nan Naritsara, Adam Sharpe

Café de Bangkok l กาเฟ่ เดอ บางกอก
opposite Ekamai soi 21
Bangkok, Thailand

Bkk Jam
Bkk Jam

Cafe Democ

Bangkok Cafe Democ Disco Robot

Brothers & Sisters – slip on your moonboots, get on the Rhythm Train and hold on tight. We are ready to take this well-oiled machine to another cosmic level. Lush string arrangements, slappin’ bass growls, chugging disco beats, trippy echoes, crisp horn stabs and then some. Keeping you and your friends on track, from the slow-mo zone all the way to 130BPM bumpin’ house madness. Computer says: ‘Get up on the Download’.

Hosted by DJs AcidBrain & JayDubb, y’all.

17-18 September, 2011 at 21:30 – 02:00

Created by: Jan Bisping, Acidbrain Soundsweety, Democ Ratchadamnoen, Amp Nita Dickinson, Culture Fac

Cafe democ
78 #3,Democracy Monument, Thanon Rajchadamneon Klang / opposite to McDonald’s, Bangkok, Thailand 10200

Bkk Robot
Bkk Robot