Thailand Bonanza Big Mountain Music Festival 3

BMMF3: The biggest alternative festival of the year in Thailand is BACK!!

FindYourEventInBangkok recommends you a week end outside of Bangkok for this unique event.


2 days non stop of the best thai bands for the third edition of this giant festival!


Big Mountain Music Festival (BMMF) is Thailand musical festival arranged for all music lovers under a concept of “mun-yai-mak” (Craziness – Huge – Many)

Big Mountain Music Festival is objected to give a brand-new experience of enjoying concerts to the customers with the “mun” (craziness) they have never yet experienced, in this 2-day-2-night music festival. In other words, it will be a continuous 48-hour long of unforgettable plays, music and activities took turn entertaining the participants until their innermost craziness is revealed. In the end, coming to Big Mountain Music Festival will make participants realize that it is not just going to a music festival but living and sharing good experience with other people in one.

For creating such experience and impression to participants over 30,000 people, Big Mountain Music Festival is designed to be exceptionally “yai”(huge), both in production and festival scale. Innumerable capital was spent on huge constructions: a remarkably-designed 50-meter-tall stage for serving a tremendous amount of people, an over-16-meter Dancing Tree, nightclubs, markets and other facilities outstandingly constructed for over 30,000 participants.

Big Mountain Music Festival is not only a concert festival which gathers “mak” (many) prominent singers from every label, every type of music for participants to enjoy the variety and many other Indy artists, but also presents a selection of interesting activities i.e. interactive plays, fashion and art exhibitions, food markets and souvenir shops. In addition, the festival also provides special entertaining booths, various types of stages and camping area for participants who would like enjoy the nature and music at the same time.

10 December, 2011 at 15:30 – 12 December, 2011 at 05:00

Big mountain music festival 2
Bonanza, Khaoyai, Nakonrajsima (3hrs from Bangkok)

Music Fest

Music Fest

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