The After new disco after 02.00 in Patpong

There is a new “after 02.00” place in Patpong, Silom area. For you that do not know Patpong maybe you heard of Patpong Nightmarket. Well it’s on one of the back streets on the forth floor of the house opposite Food Land (good if you need some after snacks). The DJ plays House and Techno French style and they have been playing on Funky Dojo and The Tunnel before. The place is pretty small but has all the funky gears like soap bubbles and laser machines.

According to the marketing manager they cleared with the Police already until 06.00 well lets hope she right. For now its is free but we do not know how long. There is punters giving out flyers around they area so if you can not find it they will find you, just look confused and ready to party. The name of the place “the after”

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  1. Bikram December 22, 2015

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