Update Let’s lose it party on 17th November 2007

I chose to go to “Let’s lose it Party” which represented by DJ Oum on Saturday night.

I went there with three friends of mine. We got there at 11pm and felt a bit surprised that there were not many people there yet even it was 11pm already. Anyhow, the party went wild since the coyote came dance on the stage, the crowd were showing up from nowhere. And now the party was so crowded with many people especially guys. I have some pictures of sexy coyote and the guys’ face expression while they were watching the girl dancing.

I had too much fun that night since i fell my digital camera and it’s totally break down. The shutter is not connected to the main camera parts anymore. I don’t know this party is worth it or not but it’s time for me to buy a new one.

Luminous Party

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