Where is Pattaya?

This book for Kindle Amazon have certanly much to offer. Even if only two chapters are about Nightlife we thought it be good to mention the book anyway. If you going to Pattaya for Songkran or a short holiday this book will cernatly keep you enetertaniedn.

99 Things To Do In Pattaya is now on its Low Season and Songkran Festival price of $4.99, originally $9.99

Experience Pattaya beyond its usual club scene through getting hold of the very exclusive 99 Things To Do In Pattaya travel guide book. This travel guide contains information that not even the online world has grasped. Most of the available travel information online of the beautiful and exquisite places featured in this travel guide are not updated hence the research information that is provided was an intricate process and thus making the completion of this book not easy.

The author spent a year discovering travel destinations around Pattaya and picked out the best places that were found. The personally handpicked places were intensively described to justify why they are indeed worth traveling. Photos are included in the new hard cover version as well. The author made this book having an initial objective in mind which is to show travelers Pattaya in ways that hasn’t been shown before. After a year of adventure and discovery in Pattaya, the author realized what other tourists have been missing for aside from Pattaya’s infamous club scene, Pattaya is rich with nature’s beauty as well.

Tourism in Pattaya is limited. Not all tourist locations are openly advertised due to a “travel mafia” system that exists. The travel mafia limits advertising of all available locations in the fear of stepping over other’s commissions and turfs hence travel brochures and general Thai travel promotion hardly mention locations that won’t get them commissions. After a year of discovering, the author realized how much Pattaya has to offer and yet has been untapped due to poor advertising. It is now high time that you get a hold of 99 Things To Do In Pattaya so that you will know them first hand and gear you up in experiencing them as well.

where is Pattaya?

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